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What does a strawberry shape look like?

Your upper body is broader than your lower half. You have broad shoulders, large breasts (this is not a hard and fast rule) with little definition between waist and hips and more often than not have a short torso with lean long legs no matter your height.

What is the aim of dressing this shape?

We aim to break up your chest, fake a waist and even out your hips and legs to create an even proportion.

What should I avoid?

Your impulse is to wear skinny jeans and billowing tops, fight this urge as this only accentuates your shape.

What should I do?

Trousers- Mid-rise trousers are the perfect height for faking an evenly placed waist. This may take some getting used to, as it will feel higher on you with your short torso but it will be well worth it. I know you are a skinny jeans fan and rightly so your legs are your best feature and you should be showing them off but a tapered/ slim leg will help even out your proportion better. Why not give the Mum, strait or flared shape a go as these all create more volume on your lower half to even things out.

Tops- You need to look for 2 vital features.

· A low scoop or V-neck. These necklines are essential in breaking up your shoulders and bust.

· A dropped shoulder or no shoulder seem. This creates a softer more flowing shape over the shoulder and draws the eye elsewhere.

Dresses- Dresses that have nipped in waists and flared bottoms are your best friends. A wrap dress is almost perfection on your body as the lines break up your torso and fake a waist perfectly. I would recommend sizing up to keep the waist lines slightly looser on you. Yes you have killer legs so keep it short if that feels better on you.

Skirts- As I have mentioned before pleated skirts are everywhere and you need at least one in your life. Again it’s all about the volume they create on your lower half. See pics below for inspiration on how to wear it. It’s such an easy piece to dress up or down, day or night in summer or winter so no excuses.

Coats and Jackets- You probably find outerwear a bit tricky, as it tends to create a lot of bulk around your broad shoulders. Don’t fear you’re in luck as the dropped shoulder and over sized look is on trend and in every shop at every price range. Be careful not to look too boxy and choose pieces that are at hip level or lower.

Gilet- Layering is key for you and the gilet is a must. Get a few of these and wear them often, they will elongate your torso and break up your shoulders. Why not even wear one over your coat!

Belts- Invest in belts!!!!! They will help fake a waist. Go for thin to medium in width.


· French tuck your tops (only tucking in the front center of a top and letting the rest hang out) to create shape in the right place.

· Go big, bright and bold on your lower half and keep top more muted

· Layer layer layer. Creating depth in an outfit will again cut the body and create an illusion of a narrower frame.

· Be clever with colour blocking and pattern. Again this is all to trick the eye. So stand in the mirror or ask a friend what is the first thing you look at? If the answer is anything other than your shoulders or bust, it’s a yes yes yes!

· When wearing a shirt always leave buttons from bust to neck open and go for narrow collars. Also choose shirts with a natural waist to them.

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