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The razzle dazzle

T’is the season to talk S.V.B (sequins. velvet. blazer)

Now for most, unless unlike me you have a roaring social life, this will be used once in a while. So the big question is, for those who only get to go on the razzle once in a blue moon, how do we keep our party wear relevant and timeless? How do we ensure we can give these pieces life after the holiday season so we wont be pissing our money away on a one horse wonder. The answer is simple. You get it? KEEP IT SIMPLE.

I could actually feel the eye roll from here, yes yes I realise there is nothing simple about sequins or velvet but that’s just the trick to sustainable style. Dressing these items in a simple way so they stay modern.

Now I'm not going to lie, If you ask me where to spend my money it wouldn't be on sequinned frocks. I prefer to get smarter and shop for items that I know I'll wear all year around or spend it on an item that is a wardrobe icon that will never date but when all put together is serves with a bang.

So here is how I would do it….


Let the textures speak for themselves by keeping everything monochrome. What makes an outfit work is always having fit and flare or in this case, feather and flare. Ok I'll see myself out!

  1. Mango Blazer

  2. Reserved Top

  3. Zara Trousers

  4. Mango Heels


I truly believe every woman should own a velvet suit. Finding the right shape for you is vital. So if you a straight leg kind of gal get those, if you suit a culotte do that. We are so lucky that we have a high street who cater for us all. In this case I have gone for a flare, when in doubt always go for the flare, it suits everyone!

  1. Mango blazer

  2. Mango cami

  3. Mango trousers

  4. Mango bag

  5. Zara heels


Everyone needs that one frock you can pull out for almost any occasion and this is exactly that frock! No more words needed, its perfection. side note: I'm a little obsessed with these Amazon heels!

  1. Oasis dress

  2. Zara earrings

  3. Zara bag

  4. Amazon heels (I also love these in the gold)


I'll use any excuse to get dressed and go out out with the girls. Slap on some jeans a touch of glitz and celebrate getting through another year of keeping most of the balls still in the air. This top looks like nothing off the hanger but on it's unreal, trust me!!

  1. Zara Blazer

  2. Zara top

  3. Mango jeans

  4. Zara bag

  5. Mango heels

Happy silly season friends, enjoy the food, the fizz, the family and friends. Enjoy having a reason to party but also fuck it, why wait for a party, I say dress like this everyday!!!!

C xx

P.S Did you love this blog? Should I make it a weekly thing in the new year?

Also how is it nearly 2023, isn't it still 2021?

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