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What does a pear shape look like?

You have narrow shoulders, small bust and teeny waist with a long torso. You have a nice full peachy bottom with short shapely legs. The best part about your shape is the shops are basically catering for you and you alone at the moment. Zara is your oyster!!!! (So no excuses)

What is the aim of dressing this shape?

Show off your best features- your upper body and tiny waist. Flare over your peachy bottom and thighs. Think A-line skirts, wide legged trouser with fitted high-necked tops and a cinched in waist.

What should I avoid?

As most trousers don’t fit both your bum/thigh area and your waist you resort to skinnies and leggings. Then you throw over a large long jumper to cover your bum and thighs, as this area you are most self-conscious about. Sound familiar??? Why is this wrong you ask? Well all you have achieved with this look is shortening your already short legs and have drowned all your best features with the large jumper. Hell NO!!!!

What should I do?

Trousers and jeans- Take a deep breath and lets go. Yes I know this is your hardest item to shop for but I’m here to make it easy. The key to the right fit and shape on your body is to size up!!!! Size up till your legs look good and then belt your trousers to minimize the gape in your waist. As is trend at the moment high waisted-darted trousers are made for you so look out for those.

Best shape for your body: Chinos, culottes, mum jeans, slouchy and wide leg all in a high waist.

Skirts- These are your best friends. No really A-line skirts are everywhere, always. From plain to print, from a knit to a full sequin and from leather to pleated you can have your pick no matter your style. In the winter throw on some knitted tights and boots.

Dresses- All your dresses should be cinched in at your waist with a flare. If it doesn’t cinch you in, do so with a large dramatic belt. This will also create flare over our bum for a much more flattering shape.

Tops- These should be fitted with a natural waist shape (a curve in the side seam) Exaggerated puff shoulders or peplum shapes are ones to look out for. Your necklines should go over your collarbone and above. E.g. roll-necks, buttoned up shirts and halter necks.

Jackets and coats- No matter what, they should still show off your shape. A single waist button is very flattering. Wide collars and lapels will look great on you. The ideal length is either waist to hip or all the way to your knee and beyond, if it stops anywhere in between, bye bye!

Belts- Own these in every colour, shape and size and when in doubt belt it.


· Always tuck the top in at the front and let it hang at the back

· Cut shirts up at the side seam all the way to your waist making slits, this will allow the shirt to fall better on you.

· If you want to wear a top or shirt un-tucked, layer layer layer.

· Throw a belt over your coat to bring back your shape and even out your proportions

· Wear bold necklaces or long earrings to draw your eye to your décolletage.

· Get hold of the Zara roll neck sleeveless bodysuit and then buy three, as you will wear this to death as a layering piece in the winter and on its own in the summer!

· Wearing a high heel or platform trainer and having your trousers almost skim the floor will elongate your legs

· Don’t be afraid to turn a top or dress back to front to give you the right neckline!

Person to follow on Instagram other than me: Trinny Woodall!

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