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You probably read the headline and thought; well she is not reinventing the wheel is she. And the answer is no, no I’m not, this is stylist 101. But with 15 years of styling behind me you would be surprised to hear that not many women truly know their body shape, and here’s why…

A women’s body is continuously changing over time. We start out with gender-neutral bodies and then the first change hits us, puberty. This change we kind of roll with cause we are excited about getting boobs and are too busy worrying about acne and our new monthly visitor to really focus on the changes, plus boys start fancying us so, yay! This body takes us into our twenties and for some this body is what they will tell me was their best body. But those bodies start changing yet again too, they start getting childbearing hip and starts storing fat for our future babies and then BOOM! We get pregnant and a new shape appears entirely. This new body seems to get most women in a rut, a mum-rut as they call it. You know the one when they think its ok to wear sweatpants no matter the occasion! Then the second you think you got a hang of your new figure and retired the sweats you hit menopause and over night the middle age spread.

So with our bodies changing every few years let me ask you, do you really know your body shape and the right clothes you should be wearing?

Over the next 5 weeks, I will be discussing the 5 different body shapes. This is the core to knowing how to choose the right shapes for your body. Without this understanding we will continue to make the same mistakes and in turn not flaunt our bodies in the best possible way.

The aim no matter your shape is to even out the proportions of your body with clever clothing hacks that create an illusion and trick the eye. So follow the series where I will reveal which shape you are so you can start making the correct shape choices. First one will kick off tomorrow

* You maybe in between a shape so have characteristics of more than one. If this is true please DM me to remain anonymous or comment below and we can discuss your shape and figure out which rules you need to follow*


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