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The Style


£350 4 hours

This package is the Babble but with all the bells and whistles. It has a three step approach.

Step 1:

This is exactly like the Babble. We chat, we play, we detox and identify the gaps that will transform your wardrobe.

Step 2:

I then go home and create an interactive shopping list for you. Everything on the list is click to shop so if you like it, click it, shop it, own it. 


We hit the shops together and find everything we are looking for as a team. ( extra charges do apply)

Step 3

Once everything is back home, I come back. We try on and keep what we love. Then its styling time!!! We marry the new clothes with the old creating a variety of outfits that make you feel and look your very best. We take photos of all the outfits, making getting dressed a thoughtless easy process. 

All thats left for you to do is to enjoy all the compliments!

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